Sunday, January 17, 2010

Followup on our Interviews with our Troops in Afghanistan, Kosovo and Iraq announcement

Bob Calvert

For those of you who have listened to some or all of the interviews I did over the past 10 days with our troops in Afghanistan, Iraq and Kosovo.... maybe you could share you thoughts on the event page.

I will not be online this next week as much as I normally am (many many hours a day:) however I will do my best to catch up each day.

I will be back here the evening of Jan 23rd. I have an announcement about this on my facebook main page.

Anything you all could do this week to get this information about our troops stories out to many people.. they and we would be very grateful. I do not any funds to advertise (I live on social security) and the news media did not respond to our news release.

If you could take our announcement and send it to all your facebook friends and other contacts that would be appreciated.

I told our troops I would do everything possible to get their stories out in 2010. Your help is definitely needed. Many of my "friends" on Facebook are with a veterans group or a military support group, a conservative group, a talk show, a ministry and more. I think I would be accurate to assume that YOU ALL support our troops and their families.

You all can collectively take their stories and bring them out to hundreds of thousands for starters.

Thank you

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